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The Heritage brand portfolio offers something for everyone – whether you’re seeking cannabis for medical purposes, looking for a comprehensive cannabinoid profile, or just simply want some good old fashioned THC, you’ve come to the right place.

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Pura Vida

The Pura Vida founders, very early on, recognized the value in the unique quality of the extractions and formulas that Purefarma was creating. In order to get these formulas to the end patient we developed our Pura Vida product line, altruistically medicinal but recreationally focused.

With a grand vision and drive, Pura Vida gained national notoriety after entering several competitions and winning multiple awards for concentrates in the CBD, INDICA, SATIVA, HYBRID categories at the Emerald Cup, High Times and Cannabis Cup.

Our products are made for all occasions, giving you the ability to perform your life. Your way!


Premium 5 products offer a feeling that only the terpenes from a high-terpene, full-spectrum concentrate can give, to encourage customers to find their feeling. Premium 5 is dedicated to creating high-quality, full-spectrum concentrates, selling a premium high-THC experience, and providing a healthier more discrete way to medicate and consume.

Products offered under the Premium 5 brand are crafted from indoor grown, fresh-frozen whole bud that has been carefully selected for optimal cannabinoid and terpene profiles to offer customers only the most exceptional quality. Premium 5 prides themselves on being consumer-driven to delight their partners, their consumers, and their communities.


Purefarma is a brand that offers medicinal-grade cannabis formulations for pharmaceutical, recreational and cosmeceutical markets. Purefarma develops its products using its own proprietary modifications to industry standard machinery and has industrialized a variety of proprietary production processes with in-house design-built equipment.


RAD is committed to Pricing Weed Like It’s The 80’s — delivering quality concentrates and competitive price points to meet the needs and preferences of all types of cannabis consumers while effectively harnessing the captivating power of nostalgia in our brand messaging.

Products being offered under RAD are made from high quality flower inputs selected specifically for their Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid profiles, and excellent terpene profiles, offering consumers a high-quality choice while delivering on an affordable price point.


feelgood. is a health and wellness brand dedicated to providing consumers with affordable, high-potency products while still maintaining the highest quality standards possible. With safe and effective skin care and wellness products, our mission is to offer a variety of natural alternative options to help you find confidence in the products you’re using while allowing you to achieve a feelgood. moment.


ArthroCBD is an innovative hemp formulation that has 4x higher absorption of other products, as proven by a published human clinical trial. ArthroCBD delivers ingredients in effective levels for maximum, fast and lasting effect. ArthroCBD is also backed by extensive safety testing and actual human clinical data. ArthroCBD: all the relief with no THC and without the unwanted side-effects.

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