Five operating subsidiaries form Heritage Cannabis, creating a diverse offering to advance our vision and cement our place in the market. 

Voyage Cannabis

Voyage Cannabis Corp holds a Health Canada issued cultivation, processing, medical, and oil sales liscence. Located in Falkland, British Columbia, Voyage holds high quality standards in the industry when it comes to cultivation, extraction, patient services and sale of cannabis products. With a strong emphasis on cannabis oils, Voyage’s offerings will include a full and unique line of cannabis products for both our medical and recreational markets.


CannaCure Corp.

CannaCure, based in Fort Erie, Ontario, is a Health Canada license holder under the Cannabis Act. It’s 122,000 square foot, former GMP facility is suitable for substantial processing, manufacturing and distribution of cannabis products. CannaCure will be entering various partnerships to prepare for the expected growth in the Company’s extraction business and to meet the demands of the consumables market when approved by Health Canada.


Purefarma Solutions

Purefarma is an extraction service company which specializes in the development of medicinal grade cannabis formulations for pharmaceutical, recreational and cosmeceutical markets. Purefarma has also developed its own propriety modifications to industry standard machinery and has industrialized a variety of proprietary production processes with in-house design-built equipment. Purefarma is sought after to perform extraction by licensed producers, many of which do not have the extraction capability to meet market demands or their contractual commitments.


BriteLife Sciences

BriteLife is driven by a team of physicians and allied healthcare professionals aimed to identify and correlate individual genotypes through a proprietary DNA Variant Report targeted to assist patients with individualized custom solutions. In addition BriteLife is establishing a patient education platform to include health and wellness support, medical resources, and access to experts.

Endocanna Health Inc.

Endocanna Health, Inc. is a biotech company that provides personalized, scientifically-based resources, tools and solutions to support an optimal outcome for consumers when incorporating cannabinoid products into their health and wellness goals.


Endo·DNA Canada is a direct-to-consumer endocannabinoid DNA test and analysis that provides a personalized, scientifically-based endocannabinoid genetic variance report that helps consumers make smart, informed decisions when incorporating cannabinoids and CBD into their lives.

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