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The breakthrough DNA test that matches you with the right cannabinoid products for your wellness journey.

While 99.9% of your DNA is identical to every other person on the planet, there is a 0.1% that is absolutely unique to you.

These differences in your DNA are called variants.

We created Endocanna Health to answer one simple question: How do we help everyday people find a CBD or cannabinoid product that’s right for their unique needs?

Endo·dna is a simple DNA test that maps your endocannabinoid system and then matches that summary with a specific cannabinoid ratio and terpene profile aligned with your unique genotype.

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What we can learn from DNA variants

Each variant in your DNA can be linked to certain health conditions or physical traits such as eye colour. Variants in our DNA are also responsible for our individual experience of cannabinoids and CBD.

 The Endo·Decoded DNA variance report clearly summarizes any associations in your specific genetic results that may impact your use of cannabinoids or CBD, such as:

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Whether you can tolerate THC in any form, including full spectrum, isolate and broad-spectrum products.

The genetic expression, or effect, individual terpenes will have on your endocannabinoid system

Your metabolic function level (ultra-fast, average or poor metabolizer) which determines the dosing

Any drug-to-drug interactions you could experience

How Endo·dna works

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Through a simple three step process, Endo·dna is able to provide you with a personalized report of your endocompatibility that can help guide your decisions in choosing products.

  1. Register your Endo·dna kit at www.mydna.live
  2. Swab your saliva and return your DNA sample to Endocanna Health’s state-of-the-art lab in a prepaid mailer for analysis
  3. Access your personalized Endo·Decoded Report and discover your unique endocompatibility. Here you can explore the Endo·Aligned product formulation suggestions that are best for you. 

Each Endo·dna kit features the following:

  • Secure online health portal.
  • 57 different genetic Trait Reports in 12 different categories.
  • Precision cannabinoid ratios and terpene profile matching.
  • Personalized drug-to-drug interaction alerts.
  • Cannabinoid risks/benefits for your specific genotype.
  • Personalized wellness plan.
  • Endo·Aligned formulations suggestions.
  • Endo·Aligned Trusted Formulations marketplace.
  • Geolocation product finder.