Voyage Cannabis Corp.


Integrated Cannabis Company and Licence Holder under the Cannabis Act.

Heritage's 75% owned subsidiary, Voyage Cannabis Corp. ("Voyage"),  previously  known  as PhyeinMed Inc.  holds a Health Canada issued cultivation, processing and medical sales licence.  

Voyage operates out of a 15,500 square foot processing facility in Falkland, British Columbia, which has been fit out with a drying room, trimming room, packaging area and an approved security level vault. Voyage's current cultivation strategy will be fulfilled through greenhouses, which will be built on the property’s 13 acres of land. Currently, 4 greenhouses, with a total square footage of 16,000 have been erected. A phase-wise expansion strategy continues at this facility with the potential to add additional greenhouses and increase growing capacity to approximately 95,000 square feet.  

“Considering the impending changes to Health Canada’s regulations and the ability to cost effectively comply with the proposed regulations with respect to outdoor grow options, we re-evaluated our current plan and were able to pivot in a manner which is much more accretive to shareholder value” says Debra Senger, CEO of Voyage “this allows for a more effective use of funds, both in capital spending and ongoing operational savings.”

Utilizing greenhouses as a cost-effective option will increase production while substantially reducing operational costs. Pending approval of our production licence allowing cultivation, it is anticipated that the first crops will be ready for harvest in Q2 2019. 

Voyage Advisory Team

Senior Horticultural Advisor – Greg Salloum, M.Sc. - Greg received his B. Sc. (Agr.) from McGill in 1982 and then his M. Sc. from UBC in 1987. His undergrad was in Plant Science with a specialty in Horticulture. His Masters’ degree thesis was a cross disciplinary effort in Entomology and Plant Biochemistry. He focused on screening indigenous petroleum ether and ethanol plant extracts for insect anti-feedant activity. While he was finishing his Masters he began working with Safer Ltd. in Victoria, BC developing formulations of botanical insecticides with his research team. They developed a number of patented products with pyrethrum and neem oil in combination with salts of fatty acids.   

Since 2010, Greg began his most current project: an organic farm. The farm is now supplying some of the vegetables to their leased restaurant at the Best Western Plus Hotel and Suites. He continues to research new organic horticultural methods for his future endeavors including utilizing humic and fulvic acid, as well as beneficial microorganisms.